BYFO (Bring Your Friends Over)

BYFO (Bring Your Friends Over)

Does your friend suffer from BIC (Bad Internet Connection)? Be a hero and BYFO. Now you can get credit to your own Bioniq balance with 10% the amount of your friend’s new monthly internet service for three months. Your Friend can also rescue their friends and soon the world will be saved from BIC’s everywhere.

BACO (Bring A Company Over)

Rescue a Company and get 10% the amount of the Company’s new monthly services for three months.

Example: your friend signs up for a R940/pm 50mbps Fibre Service! Great! You will be automatically credited with R94 after the first payment is affected.
Important! You need to ask your friend to fill in your customer number (shown on every invoice) in his agreement form. That’s all!

1. Note, that we will not log any BYOF references AFTER the new agreement was activated. It is really important to ask your friend to fill in your details in the forms when presenting it to Bioniq.
2. No limits to the number of referrals you make! You can have  free Internet as a result or upgrade to a higher package.
3. The referral will only be accounted if you bring a NEW customer that has no other agreements with us. You cannot BYFO yourself or an existing customer.


1. Send an WhatsApp to 087 135 3676

2. Type in your name.

3. Select Referral

4. Type in your referral code, their name and number.